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LineView production line-monitoring tool

Workflow has launched LineView into Australia and New Zealand, to complement and build on the success of the existing XL Visual Productivity Appliance.

LineView is a web based and automated advanced line monitoring system that is modular and scalable from one machine to a multi machine production line, making it a cost effective option for many manufacturing operations.

LineView identifies the effect of downtime on the overall line output without the need for any operator intervention. 

It provides real time and historical information in an easy to read format, enabling the Production teams to focus their efforts on taking action to reduce the losses rather than spend time interpreting the data. The system has been designed by Operational Experts.

LineView is built on the iView ‘black box’ solution, which provides a platform for manufacturing data and incorporates a unique advanced true causal loss logic engine.

To identify the root cause of your machine stoppages LineView provides high resolution automated trending of PLC fault codes on each machine. This unique feature enables you to see the causes of your downtime and their effect on the line.

LineView (developed by LineView Solutions Ltd) has been in use for the last 12 years with some of the most recognisable names in manufacturing in the UK and Europe, and Workflow is pleased to now be able to offer this to Australian and New Zealand manufacturing companies.

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