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Linear motors with 22.5° radius extend range of system designs

New motor modules have once again helped increase the high flexibility
of the eXtended Transport System (XTS).

Available from BECKHOFF Automation, the XTS linear transport system
consists of modular linear motors featuring integrated power electronics and
displacement measurement as well as 1 to n wireless movers and
mechanical guide rails. The XTS linear transport system allows the
implementation of diverse applications, geometries, lengths and radii.

The existing straight and curved motor modules (180°) are supplemented
by new variants with a radius of 22.5°, enabling new track geometries such as
full circles, inside or outside curves, or squares with rounded corners. The
introduction of the new motor modules further extends the range of
applications, for example, by a flexible rotary indexing table and individual
track layouts.

The AT2020-0250 motor modules (+22.5°, outside curve) and
AT2025-0250 (-22.5°, inside curve) greatly expand the possibilities
of the XTS system with regard to track layouts. With a combination of
different radii and straight sections, the track layout can be easily adapted
to meet the broadest range of application requirements. Matching guide rails
are also available for the new motor modules.

New areas of application enabled by the latest motor
modules include full circle with movers running around the outside; full circle
with movers running around the inside; polygon, circle segments connected with
straight sections; step- and S-shaped track layouts; and rounded-off rectangle
with a freely selectable size.

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