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Linear drive system with motor

The igus drylin E is a maintenance free linear system with a stepper motor, attached to a lubrication free lead screw drive or toothed belt.

It comes ready to use with a motor, cables and limit switches. Drylin E can be used in extreme environments for format adjustments and for positioning small to medium loads.

It is suitable for a range of applications such as camera adjustments, the adjustment of inspection equipment, sensor adjustment, pick and place, handling systems and more.

The ready to install linear actuators and drive units can be equipped with either a lead screw drive, toothed belt, rack and pinion drives or trapezoidal/high helix threads.

They are ready for assembly with a NEMA motor flange and coupling, and are optionally available with adjustable linear bearings and a clearance free preloaded carriage.

The robust linear system offers a lightweight and compact design with high stability.

It ensures a quiet, clean operation and is insensitive to dirt. It is easy to calculate and configure with online tools and offers a large range of accessories.

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