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LINAK TECHLINE compact actuator for reliability in extreme conditions

LINAK Australia presents a new range of compact actuators designed to provide reliable performance even under extreme conditions.

There are several applications in different industries that are required to deliver reliable performance relentlessly, even under extreme conditions. Failure is not an option in applications within mining, agriculture, construction, industrial automation, or marine segments where it only means downtime and loss of money.

In many of these applications, limited space can cause challenges even though the requirements for power, IP protection and integrated intelligent features remain high.

The new compact actuator LA25 from the LINAK TECHLINE division provides the perfect combination of power, compact design, robust aluminium housing, high IP66 and IP69K protection, and iFLEX integrated intelligent control to ensure reliable performance regardless of weather conditions. The compact actuator can also be easily integrated into the application even when the space is limited.

LINAK actuators with iFLEX feature an integrated H-bridge, which is why iFLEX solutions require less space and fewer cables than traditional actuator solutions. The control box is simply built into the actuator simplifying the installation. The iFLEX feature also offers a wide range of intelligent features to suit the needs of all applications. 

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