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Lightweight flow hood

Testo has introduced a new Bluetooth-enabled flow hood weighing less than three kilograms for use by HVAC technicians and other professionals.

The Testo 420 is equipped with a volume flow hood and 16 measurement points that record differential pressure, temperature, humidity and absolute pressure readings.

The company sought to address the need for accurate flow hood readings by HVAC technicians when developing the Testo 420 device. 

To do this, they designed the instrument so that it could attach and detach from a flow straightener, ensuring precise measurements while also enabling professionals to meet indoor air quality guidelines.
The flow hood is engineered for convenience, with the design meeting the needs of HVAC specialists who often have to register air flow readings at inconvenient or even hazardous places.

Two ergonomic handles have been integrated to the sides of the Testo 420, allowing users to tilt the instrument to easily read the display.

Another useful feature enables HVAC technicians to reach vents in high-ceilinged industrial facilities. 

Users can attach the volume flow hood to a tripod and remove the flow hood from the main device. The tripod is then extended to cover the vent with the technician receiving the readings remotely.

The Bluetooth-enabled Testo 420 also allows easy app integration. Technicians can quickly download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store, and view real-time measurements on their smartphones.

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