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Light towers for signalling and indication

ifm light towers offer not only first-class visibility, but modern RGB LED technology and a long life, according to the manufacturer.

Different modes can be configured via I/O-Link or setting menu. The new light tower is also available as a standard version with binary inputs.

Light towers are used for status indication, or as warning devices, anywhere in factories on machines, conveyors and installations. The ifm light towers are suited for difficult applications. The patented technology provides for example a high contrast between the light spot of the LED and the environment. Since no metal components such as screws or connectors are exposed, the towers are suitable for use in the food industry as well as in medical, pharmaceutical or chemical applications.

In general, light towers must be adapted to the application. Instead of spending time and effort on screwing modules of different colours together, the RGB LED technology makes it possible to adjust the light tower as needed via IO-Link or setting button (e.g. permanently on, low flash rate, high flash rate, different colours, siren with seven different signal sounds). This reduces type variety and stock keeping. The smooth surface of the lamp body provides hardly any chance for water or dust.

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