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Lifting the bar in asset management

Industrial services provider Thomas & Coffey Limited has commissioned enterprise asset management (EAM) software company Mainpac to implement advanced resource scheduling and work order management functionality in the latest release of Mainpac Enterprise.

Thomas & Coffey specified the functionality, which is now standard in Mainpac Enterprise Version 3, with the objective of becoming number one in asset management for its clients in the mining, heavy industry, manufacturing, defence, utilities, energy and healthcare sectors, a press release from the company claimed.

“We are aiming to lift the bar in asset management and to deliver the sort of information and services that our clients have a right to expect,” said Thomas & Coffey managing director, Martin Whittaker.

“Until we partnered with Mainpac to implement this advanced functionality, we were not able to communicate very well to our clients information about the things that really matter in managing major assets.

“There are many ways of monitoring and reporting on asset costs. But crucial information concerns things like unplanned downtime, re-works, start-up time after shutdowns and the savings that can be achieved by addressing down time.

“Mainpac Enterprise represents a huge advance towards retaining detailed knowledge of complex and difficult to maintain client assets and therefore to communicating to the client the important things about the management of that asset.”

He said the need to integrate the information which was being produced discretely by various applications was one of the major reasons for the partnership with Mainpac.

Thomas & Coffey uses an ERP system called Timberline, popular with construction companies, which manages financials and job costing. The company also had several small niche software applications which manage certification of its staff, scheduling and the management of customer assets.

An interface between Timberline and Mainpac ensures a transparent flow of information between Mainpac and the ERP system’s payroll application, Mainpac said.

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