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Life sciences to examine their process engineering

Rockwell Automation will host a forum for life sciences companies to discuss the growing opportunities in manufacturing at its Ninth Annual International Life Sciences Symposium, May 28-29, 2008 at Andel’s Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.

Automation and information specialists from Rockwell Automation and its associates will join industry leaders from pharmaceutical, clinical supply and medical businesses in manufacturing, process engineering, regulatory compliance and plant-wide information systems to discuss best practices and insight into life sciences manufacturing.

With the theme, “Operational Excellence,” this year’s event will address the challenging economic and regulatory climate, drug patent and pipeline development, and introduce leading-edge technology innovation and applications that deliver improved end-to-end process and operational efficiency at every stage in the manufacturing and supply chain.

“The Life Sciences Symposium is the premier event for forward-thinking manufacturing, information and automation professionals in our industry,” said Stephen Pulsifer, global marketing director, Life Sciences, Rockwell Automation. “Symposium attendees are engaged in a unique learning environment where quality discussions occur with industry peers to create fresh thinking that furthers life sciences manufacturing toward a genuine source of strategic, competitive advantage.”

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