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LEDs drop in price

In the face of slowing demand, LED light bulbs and components are seeing price drops, claim TrendForce researchers.

The global average price of 40W replacement LED light bulbs fell 1.5 percent in August to US$10.9, while the 60W replacement LED light bulbs fell 2.3 percent to US$14.9, based on the latest report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce.

The US saw the biggest decline in LED light bulb prices after July as product vendors including CREE and Philips are using package promotion deals and low prices to drive up sales volume and capture market shares.

Furthermore, Chinese LED and chip manufacturers have been gradually expanding their capacities, pushing down component prices during this period of slowing demand. The competition in the LED market on the whole has therefore become more heated.

Chinese efforts to expand their capacity in the upstream market have led to a general supply glut, making price decline inevitable.

Consequently, prices of 0.2W 2825 LED products fell in August with a decline of 1.36 percent on average. Prices for 0.5~1W 3030 products also fell, with decline reaching 2.15 per cent.

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