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Lean workshops at QMan

Lean workshops at QMan

The Improve Group will showcase its “LEAN” workshops and operational excellence programs during the 2008 Queensland Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (QMan) at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from October 21-23.

The Improve Group offers productivity improvement programs to the manufacturing and process industries, including government funded competitive manufacturing coaching and consulting.

The Improve Group says its programs help create breakthrough transformations for business through the elimination of non-value adding activities, using “lean” principles.

“Lean” is a way of thinking about how a product or service flows through a series of processes in the most efficient way possible, and in a way that it must create value. It increases workflow and reduces waste, and can be applied to any area within a business that contains a process.

Lean principles are incorporated into all of the Improve Group’s coaching, which include Lean Office, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, Lean Aviation, Lean Supply Chain, Lean Construction and Lean Administration.

The Improve Group’s range of programs showcased at QMan will give manufacturers a chance to network with peers through its onsite and in-house learning programs.

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