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Lauris Technologies FF1225 series ultrasonic flare gas flow meter

Lauris Technologies FF1225 series ultrasonic flare gas flow meter

The Lauris Technologies FF1225 Series Ultrasonic Flare Gas Flow meter is designed and manufactured for accurate flare gas metering.

Lesser meter technologies, not “Fit For Purpose” are at times selected in a cost-cutting effort. These inferior solutions can result in inaccurate flow measurements and higher maintenance costs.

The FF1225 delivers accurate flare gas measurement over a wide range with minimal maintenance intervention.

The flow meter is offered with several options including local or remote mount transmitter, temperature and pressure transducers, and a multi-path version that provides flow uncertainty of better than one per cent.

Both the local and remote LCD display shows velocity, flow rate, total flow, temperature and pressure. The onboard memory of the transmitter/display allows for storage of up to 250,000 data points.

The total data stored is defined by the sample rate programmed by the user.

The FF1225 is based on proprietary ultrasonic transit-time measurement with minimum detectable gas velocity of lower than 0.01 m/s (0.03 ft/sec). The maximum velocity measurement capability of 100 m/sec (330 ft/sec) standard and 150 m/sec (·500 fUsec) optional provides turndowns of 10,000:1 through to 15,000: 1.


  • Lowest Minimum Detectable Velocity
  • No Pressure Drop
  • Totalized Flow, Flow Rate
  • Wide Range of Metallurgy
  • Variety of Pressure Rating Qs
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