Latest rotary screw compressors with internal controller

Kaeser has released the ASD series of rotary screw compressors suitable for compressed air users that require smaller volumes of air.

The series has a 15bar maximum operating pressure as well as free air deliveries from 3.16 to 5.53m3 per minute at 8.5bar. Each compressor comes with a rotary screw compressor block with flow optimised Sigma Profile rotors.

The compressor blocks and drive motors are directly coupled meaning they turn at the same speed, and the drive power is transmitted from the motor to the compressor block without disruptions from gearing or drive belts. The compressors also create energy savings by using IE3 electrical motors that comply with Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS).

Efficiency is increased with the additional ‘Sigma Control 2’ internal controller, which features several interfaces and plug-in communication modules. This enables connection to master control systems, computers, remote diagnostics and monitoring systems. An integrated RFID reader also enhances security and service continuity.

Moreover, the Sigma Control 2 equipped compressors can be connected to a second machine of equal specifications to provide coordinated base load operation without the need for a master control system. One of the units will be the ‘master’ and thus coordinates how both compressors perform to suit compressed air demand.

The compressors also feature a radial fan and optimised cooling air flow which ensures low compressed air outlet temperatures. The fan uses less power than an axial fan and has power reserves suitable for long lengths of ducting. It also features a ventilation system with sound insulation levels between 65 and 69 decibels.

The screw compressors have an optional integrated refrigerator dryer and/or frequency control module. Those fitted with the compressed air dryer also come with a centrifugal separator and an ‘Eco Drain’ condensate drain standard which provides efficient condensate separation and drainage.

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