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Latest news and products for Oil & Gas Expo

A new group of oil and gas processing and control solutions providers has been confirmed to display their wares at the 2009 Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition, which brings together the best in the industry when it kicks off in Perth in February 2009.

Product Category: Inspection/Testing and Control, Maintenance and Repair, Pipes and Pipelines, Subsea Technology

Company: Tracerco

Stand Number: E02

Product Name: Non Intrusive Wall Thinning Measurements

Description: New and innovative service to determine the internal condition of rigid & flexible pipelines. Using novel technology, a non-intrusive, ROV friendly service will determine wall thinning of coated pipelines, at 3000m depth. Readings allow the operator to save valuable time and money with the associated safety and environmental implications of further, more complex, assessments such as intelligent pigging.

Product Category: Inspection/Testing and Control, Pipes and Pipelines, Environmental protection, Oil Spill response, Subsea Technology, FPSOs/Rigs and Platforms

Company: Tracerco

Stand Number: E02

Product Name: Complex Subsea Measurements

Description: Tracerco have developed the world’s first single point of contact, unique level measurement device for Subsea Applications. The Diver or ROV interfaced equipment can quickly and effectively determine the amount of fluids and gases contained within the following Subsea items: Pipe in Pipe systems (for leakage), Buoyancy Tanks, Mid Water Arches, Caissons, Single Point Mooring’s, General Pipeline Annulus systems.

Product Category: Marine Equipment, Exploration and Production, FPSOs/Rigs and Platforms

Company: MEP Systems Pte Ltd

Stand Number: S04

Product Name: Hose Reel Spooler

Description: 35Ton Line Pull Hose Reel Spooler, weighs 80Ton, standing at 12m (L) x 7m (W) x 6.5m (H) – For a seismic vessel working in South Africa waters. – Customised to meet customer’s requirement – Main Feature: High Load Capacity with Constant Tension

Product Category: Subsea Technology

Company: Submec Pty Ltd

Stand Number: SB26

Product Name: Description: Submec’s new Triton XLX ROV systems- TXLX33 and TXLX34 Delivered from Perry Slingsby Systems (PSS) in November 2008 Genuine 150HP High Specification ROV suitable for deepwater and heavy construction projects Genuine 3000m depth rated, TMS deployed Schilling T4 and Rigmaster Manipulator standard fit. 500 Kg Payload, 1100 KGF bollard pull (horizontal plane), 1030 KGF bollard pull (vertical plane)

Product Category: Chemicals/Fluids and Lubricants, Pipes and Pipelines, Pumps and Compressors, Valves/Actuators/Fittings and Accessories

Company: Sub-One Technology

Stand Number: M21

Product Name: InnerArmor Coatings

Description: InnerArmor high performance, chemically inert, protective coatings block corrosion, reduce erosion, abrasion, and sliding wear while maximizing flow due to the low surface energy and reduced diameter constrictions. InnerArmor coatings are chemically applied to the internal surfaces of pipes, pumps, valves, bearings, spools, cylinders…… By using InnerArmor coatings customers are achieving longer part life and avoiding expensive substrates for difficult applications.

Product Category: Marine Equipment, Pipes and Pipelines, Subsea Technology, Umbilicals and Flowlines

Company: NKT Flexibles

Stand Number: SD31

Product Name: Optical monitoring system (OMS) for flexible risers

Description: OMS works by incorporating strain- and pressure sensitive optical fibres into grooves in the tensile armoring. The fibre optic sensors are Fiber-Gragg Gratings (FBG’s) which give highly-reliable and robust measurements. The sensors can be placed wherever desired along the length of the optical fibre, meaning that strain and temperature measurements can be at the most critical locations along the pipe.

Product Category: Marine Equipment, Marine Services, Subsea Technology


Stand Number: SA11

Product Name: SURF Installation Equipment

Description: A range of reel lay equipment for subsea umbilicals, risers and flexible (SURF) is now designed and built in the Asia-Pacific by One Offshore. These equipment is available for hire and purchase. E.g reel drives for 300 to 400 ton flexible products on reels Ø10 m ; electric VFD tensioners. (two or four track configuration); guide rollers; lay chutes; PLET line-up frames etc.

Product Category: Health and Safety

Company: Chubb Fire Safety

Stand Number: P02

Product Name: Stat-X, Aerosol Suppression System

Description: 1. Pre-engineered aerosol generating fire extinguishing units 2. Compact (weight & space saving of up to 90% compared to gaseous systems) 3. Easy to install (non-pressurized, no cylinders or pipework) 4. Thermal, Manual or Electrical actuation 5. Extinguishes fire by generating extremely fine aerosol 6. Provides highly effective rapid fire suppression for enclosed volumes 7. Non- corrosive, non-conductive — safe for delicate equipment.

The exhibition will take place at the Perth Exhibition Centre from 17th to 19th February 2009, with a variable who’s who of engineering companies attending and exhibiting.

Event hours this year will reflect the following: Tuesday, 17 February, 11am — 7pm; Wednesday, 18 February, 11am — 7pm; and Thursday, 19 February, 11am — 4pm.

To find out more about the Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition, incorporating the 1st Annual Subsea Conference, visit the website, phone 03 9261 4500, or email

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