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Last chance for Industrial Automation Diploma

IDC’s Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation is now attracting enquiries for the last intake of 2008.

“If you are thinking of a serious boost for your professional career, this might be just the course you are after”, said IDC Technologies Engineering Manager, Steve Mackay.

Registrations for this course close in September. Studying via distance learning, students in this year’s two previous intakes are based in various countries including Canada, Australia, the UK, South Africa, France, and Argentina.

The course includes weekly live, interactive presentations over the web, presented by leading experts. There are also assignments, reading and simulations to complete.

Steve Mackay noted that “there is a critical shortage of automation, instrumentation and control engineers around the world now due to retirement, restructuring and rapid growth in new industries and technologies.” He said that a career in industrial automation can be well paid, challenging, but ultimately enjoyable

“This is a practical course and students will be valued in the workplace where time is short and immediate results, with hard-hitting and useful know-how, are required as a minimum,” said Mr. Mackay.

The course is endorsed by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) which was formed by the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers. It has more than 150,000members worldwide.

For more information, or and go to eLearning.

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