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Laser sensors with integrated web interface

Bestech has released the new optoNCDT laser sensors based on the triangulation measuring principle to perform non-contact displacement, distance and position measurements.
The compact optoNCDT 1420 triangulation sensors are said to achieve a high measurement accuracy even with measuring rates of up to 4kHz.

The connection is made either via a 3m cable with open ends or via a 0.3m pigtail with M12 connector.

The sensor’s Auto Target Compensation (ATC) is designed to ensure stable results regardless of changing colours or brightness of the target.

The high-performance optical system projects the small light spot sharply onto the measurement object which enables it to detect very small components reliably.
Different output signals enable to integrate the sensor into plant or machine control systems.

As there is no need for a separate controller, installation effort is said to be minimal. As well as analogue voltage and current outputs, a digital RS422 interface provides distance information from the sensor.

The sensors are operated using an intuitive web interface. Presets and a quality slider for the selection of the measurement task enable fast sensor parameter set up. Furthermore, up to eight user-specific sensors settings can be stored and exported in the setup management.

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