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Laser Die Cutting Machines Now Even Faster

Manufacturing engineers seeking the throughput advantages are able to use Spartanics Finecut Laser Die Cutting Systems which offer greater line speeds through the addition of bar codes that automate job changeovers in seconds and on-the-fly.

Mike Bacon, Spartanics VP, explains “Bar code-driven job changeovers allow you to not only run multiple jobs very efficiently from a single roll, but also to integrate job data into a database for complete product tracking."

By adding a bar code reading station to the line of Finecut Laser Die Cutting Systems users will enhance the profitability of digital die cutting solutions for their applications, and especially when multiple short runs are a significant part of the business.

Bar code integration is the latest of the software integration and control applications that differentiate Finecut Laser Die Cutting Systems and all Spartanics technology from competitive offerings. Benefits of the software engineering that power Spartanics Finecut Laser Die Cutting Systems include: automatic optimisation of cutting sequences for fast web speeds; smart stop systems that monitor all fault conditions; automatic cut and stitch of larger images; automatic save of all job conditions for one-step job set-ups; among other features.

Spartanics Finecut Laser Die Cutting Systems — sheet, roll, combination sheet/roll, and now also combination rotary plus laser — are used in a wide array of applications — flexible circuits, membrane switches, gaskets, labels, cardstock and paperboard products, packaging, automotive and medical device components, discs, belts, and gaskets, novelty magnets, RFID tags, P-O-P display products and industrial textile applications.

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