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KUKA.PLC mxA allows programming of robots using a PLC

Traditionally automation line builders and integrators have PLC experience, and then have the “robot specialist” and the end users have employees very familiar with their PLC and how to program it, but are sometimes reluctant to use robotics as they then need to learn how to program robots.

KUKA mxAutomation has been developed by KUKA to make the integration and ongoing support of robots in a line easier.

With KUKA.PLC mxA. the user requires no knowledge of robot programming. The mxAutomation function blocks allow the robot to be commanded within the familiar PLC programming environment.

The kinematic and safety-relevant functions of the KUKA KR C4 controller remain fully available since the mxAutomation command interpreter of the KR C4 communicates the PLC commands to the path planning module, which sets the robot in motion with the traditional precision and reliability.

Suitable for line and machine builders, such as packaging machinery it makes the long term ownership of the automated equipment lower, as there is less training of staff, and lower downtime in the event of failure, by using the familiar PLC language to move the robot.

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