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KUKA Fortec series heavy duty robots with 240-600kg payload capacities

KUKA Robotics Australia has introduced a new range of heavy duty robots offering payload capacity of 240kg to 600kg.

Designed to overlap the Quantec series (90-300kg) and close the gap on the 1000kg Titan model, the new KUKA Fortec series offers impressive load and working envelopes, allowing robot integrators to balance both reach and payload without straining the chosen robot model, or compromising on end effector and gripper design.

The highly reliable KUKA Fortec series robots are typically used for material handling as well as metal and surface finishing, polishing, milling and grinding applications, all of which require rigidity as well as payload.

The new KUKA Fortec series robot comes with the KUKA KRC4 controller featuring the hot plug teach pendant called the SmartPad that allows the interface to be removed when not in use.

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