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KUKA extends Arctic sub zero range of palletising robots

KUKA Robotics Australia has extended its Arctic range of palletising
robots with the introduction of the new 700kg payload model. This extension
follows the re-release of the Arctic sub zero range of palletising robots in
the 120kg to 240kg category in 2014.

The new 700kg payload layer palletising robot in the Arctic range can
quickly and efficiently palletise full layers of ice cream, meat, fish or any
frozen products, and also comes with a huge 3,320mm reach and hollow gearbox
wrist for higher reliability.

KUKA has also extended the zero degree operation to its entire range as
standard, from the ultra-high speed 40kg capable of 56 cycles per minute, through
to the medium 120 to 240kg class, and now the 300, 470 and 700kg models, with
no change in price. The upper temperature range of 55°C remains the same.

KUKA’s palletising robots have been able to
achieve this new zero degree operation without the need for suits, heat bands
or other additional extras, enabling dairy producers to keep their product
below 4°C even while palletising to ensure food safety.

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