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KS 94 industrial and process controllers ensuring stable process conditions

West Instruments’ new KS 94 single
loop controller available from Automated Control has been designed with
reliable and robust control algorithms to ensure stable process conditions.

West’s KS 94 industrial and
process controllers feature a self-tuning function to enable short start-up
times, and are suitable for slow thermal processes as well as pressure and flow
applications with short reaction times.

Featuring universal input, KS 94
can be configured for ON/OFF control, PID control and motorised valve control.
The output function can be configured for Delta/Star/Off, position control,
split-range control, and numerous 3-point combinations of switching/continuous

Designed for their measuring and
control functions to be configured within wide limits, the controllers can be
used for a large range of applications. Operating errors are avoided with the
simple operator guidance system featuring standard symbols and plain-language
texts combined with software and hardware interlocks, resulting in reduced

Key features of the KS 94 single
loop controllers include universal input for mA, V, thermocouple; measurement value
output and DAC; simple, menu-guided operation with plain-text displays; universal
version for switching/continuous output; PROFIBUS-DP, INTERBUS or RS 485
interface; programmer with search function and real-time clock; display of
customer-specific messages; spray-waterproof front with protection type IP 65;
and interface ports at front and rear.

Automated Control specialises in
the nationwide supply of process and automation control equipment to a diverse
range of industries encompassing the water, industrial, food, mining and
petrochemical sectors. 

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