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KROHNE introduces H250 variable area flowmeter with M40 indicator

KROHNE Australia presents the new H250 variable area flowmeter featuring a unique modular design that allows it to be adapted to the needs of any application. Incorporating the M40 indicator, the new flowmeters are suitable for the flow measurement of liquids, gases and saturated vapour in the process industry.

Unlike traditional variable area flow meters, the H250 M40 is available for use in both horizontal and fall pipes as well as in the standard installation upright in rising mains.

KROHNE’s new H250 flowmeters are innovatively designed to be either intrinsically safe or supplied in an explosion-proof casing, meeting the compliance requirements of different regional explosion protection strategies with just one device. The sturdy design of the flowmeter also ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media, with the H250’s ability to withstand extreme application and environmental conditions ensuring high reliability for the customer at an affordable price.

The all-metal flowmeter has recently received the North American approvals for the ignition protection types ‘intrinsically safe’ (IS) and ‘non-incendive’ (NI), bringing the total to more than 30 approvals worldwide for hazardous gas and dust areas, including ATEX, IECEx, usFMc, NEPSI, INMETRO, KGS, GOST-R and PESO/CCOE.

The broad-based recognition of the flowmeter makes it ideal for large international companies that need the respective local approvals, as well as OEMs seeking to fulfil requirements of different customers with just one device.

KROHNE’s new H250 flowmeters can easily be upgraded with one or two limit switches (NAMUR, Transistor or Reed), a 4…20mA signal output with HART, a graphical LCD with totalizer and pulse output or a digital, bus-powered communication interface according to FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA standard onsite without process interruptions.

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