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Krauss Maffei develops CoverForm process

KRAUSS Maffei has partnered with Evonik Rohm to develop the CoverForm process for one-shot injection moulding production of components with scratchproof coatings.

The CoverForm process involves injection moulding a PMMA component, and applying a functional protective layer in the mould immediately afterwards.

The compression moulding sequence which then occurs causes the coating to be spread evenly over the PMMA surface, eliminating the need for the up to 14-step process normally taken by a conventional value-adding chain in the production of coated parts.

Precise control of the electric injection unit combined with the special compression clamp sequence ensures absolute repeatable micron thickness of the coating.

According to Krauss Maffei, the process uses a special PLEXIGLAS thermoplastic moulding compound for the substrate and a solvent free, acrylate based, two component reactive system for the coating.

Parts manufactured with CoverForm have characteristics such as high resistance to scratching and to chemicals and are particularly popular in the production of automotive parts, medical devices, household appliances and mobile phones.

Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies.

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