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KORE Wireless teams up with TCAM Technology

KORE Wireless has entered into a strategic partnership with TCAM
Technology Pte Ltd of Singapore to promote its cellular M2M solutions. KORE
Wireless is the world’s largest dedicated provider of Machine to Machine (M2M)
wireless data networks.

TCAM is a Singapore-based state-of-the-art technology company, with core
competencies in wireless telemetry products related to SMS/GSM/GPRS/3G for
applications in M2M, IoT, AMR and SCADA industries. As a founding member of IoT
Asia, TCAM Technology will showcase the TMAS brand of products and applications
using KORE Wireless SIM cards at the upcoming IoT ASIA 2015 tradeshow on the
8th and 9th of April 2015 in Singapore.

Pointing out that South East Asia, China and Japan are among the fastest
growing regions for machine to machine technology, Vice President and
General Manager at KORE Wireless Asia Pacific, Shane Murphy explains that KORE’s
partnership with TCAM not only adds to their presence in the region, but also demonstrates
the strength of the partnership model in the M2M value chain.

TCAM distributes and promotes their technologies, products and system
solutions in many countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and

TCAM Managing Director Mr Tan Shuang Maan said the partnership will benefit
their Singapore-based clients that have a global presence to pre-configure with
KORE Wireless SIM cards and perform overall system tests, prior to their
overseas deployment.

TCAM has been developing an extensive array of
products since 2001 including modems, gateways, wireless telemetry solutions,
data loggers and cloud software with client solutions ranging from automatic
meter reading, flood monitoring and SMS alert systems to data centre monitoring
and elderly management systems. 

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