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Kogan Creek Power Station to receive $90 million overhaul

A $90 million overhaul is to be carried out of the largest generating unit in Australia at CS Energy’s Kogan Creek Power Station.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said approximately 400 contractors would be on site for the 77-day program of works, which run until 27 September.

“Overhauls provide short-term employment opportunities for people with the skills and expertise required to undertake maintenance and upgrades to the power station,” Lynham said.

“The Palaszczuk Government is focused on regional jobs and building infrastructure and this includes ensuring the current infrastructure is in tip-top running condition and in the process generating employments opportunities.”

Lynham said principal overhaul contractors Downer Group, Siemens and Intertek were providing the majority of the workforce including electricians, boiler makers, riggers, fitters, welders, scaffolders and crane drivers.

“Locally-based contractors also have been engaged to undertake parts of the project works including RiE Group, Healy Contracting and Day Break-Milne.

“Local arms of other national and international businesses are also involved, such as Veolia, Amalgamated, Enzed and Rexroth.

“These contractors will work alongside Kogan Creek’ permanent workforce of 111 people.”

Lynham said the overhaul would bring a real economic boost to Chinchilla and surrounding communities, both from the extra workers onsite and the flow on-benefits to local service industries such as accommodation providers, caterers and transport companies.

Kogan Creek’s last major overhaul was carried out in 2016. This overhaul will include a range of inspections, maintenance and upgrades of the power station equipment to ensure it continues to operate reliably, particularly over the summer peak demand period.

Lynham said Queensland had ample power generation to meet electricity demand while Kogan Creek Power Station is offline for the overhaul.

“This is essential work, being taken to ensure continuity and reliability of supply for Queensland and creating employment and added prosperity to our regions,” he said.

Kogan Creek Power Station commenced operations in 2007 and is one of the most efficient coal-fired power stations in the National Electricity Market. The power station features the largest single generating unit in Australia and water efficient dry cooling technology.

CS Energy also owns the neighbouring Kogan Creek Mine, which supplies black coal to the power station.

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