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Kinetic Performance Technology

Altitude Training Simulator

Carlton, VIC

Champion Compressors, Kinetic Performance Technology and Parker domnick hunter have teamed-up to provide Carlton Football Club with Australia’s largest state-of-the-art altitude training facility. Australian sports technology provider, Kinetic Performance Technology (KPT), is a pioneer of altitude training technology. With installations across the world, including the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), KPT has assisted in the sporting success of a range of local and international teams.

When Carlton Football Club (CFC), embarked on the upgrade of its Visy Park headquarters in Melbourne’s inner north, it incorporated a state-of-the-art altitude training facility, founded on technology from KPT. A key element of the CFC’s KPT altitude training system is a compressed-air system from compressed-air specialist, Champion Compressors.

Designed to accommodate 12 athletes, the 36-square metre altitude training facility provides CFC with a safe and easy-to-use state-of-the-art altitude training environment.

At altitude (anything above sea level), there is less oxygen in the air. With exposure to natural altitude, the body makes various adaptations to cope more efficiently with the reduced oxygen. These adaptat-ions can increase capacity for exercise at altitude and increase performance at sea level. Altitude simulation reduces the oxygen content in the training environment to approximately 14 to 17 per cent.

The KPT altitude simulation system replicates altitudes up to 3,300 metres above sea level and comprises three main process packages, including a compressed-air system, a ‘pressure-swing adsorption’ (PSA)-based air separation/nitrogen generation package, and a control system.

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