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The keys to wastewater treatment success

Wastewater specialist Waterwerx developed a state-of-the-art system designed for the wastewater industry called Streamwise. Streamwise is an all-encompassing solution that includes robust hardware and intuitive software. It is an automated system for optimising the chemistry of industrial wastewater solid-liquid separators, such as dissolved air flotation units, induced air flotation units and clarifiers.

Streamwise is a highly sophisticated system that incorporates advanced artificial intelligence to assess the incoming water quality. It does this via built-in intelligence that determines the best possible chemical dosage to ensure the treated water quality meets regulations. Streamwise helps maximise the efficiency of the operation while reducing the cost, too.

Waterwerx also knew that it needed reliable partners when it came to building and developing the system.

“In developing the Streamwise solution, we recognised the importance of establishing global partnerships with our key international suppliers,” says Waterwerx chemical and applications engineer Sharmen Rajendran. One such partner was automation specialist Beckhoff. “Ruggedness, reliability, performance, compatibility, expandability and long-term availability are key elements when deciding on products that meet our specifications,” said Rajendran. “Beckhoff met our requirement to operate powerful software, control complex applications and electrical systems with speed, efficiency and reliability.”

A key element in working with wastewater is making sure plant and devices have the ruggedness and reliability to survive in harsh environments.

A key product was Beckhoff’s EtherCAT offering, which had to meet strict criteria if Waterwerx was to incorporate into Streamwise.

“EtherCAT is an open source communications protocol that offers a high degree of efficiency and functionality for fieldbus communication,” said Rajendran. “The integration with the TwinCAT development environment is very programmer friendly and allows robust installation of EtherCAT communication.”

Waterwerx also looked at what future offerings Beckhoff might have, which solidified their relationship.

“They are staying up to date with technology as they continue to produce innovative products such as the Power over EtherCAT modules and cables as well as expanding into other fields such as web-based Human Machine Interface development software,” said Rajendran. “[What helps] is that they provide a sizeable range of products that integrate into their EtherCAT systems, which are currently utilised by Waterwerx.”

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