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Key WirelessHART Device Registration Document released

The HART Communication Foundation has announced the release of the WirelessHART Device Registration Procedure document, outlining the testing and registration requirements for WirelessHART devices.

According to Foundation, the Procedure is an integral part of the HART Device Registration Program.

The program is designed to ensure device interoperability of both wired and wireless HART-enabled devices.

“The release of the registration procedure is the crowning achievement in our progress toward delivering fully interoperable wireless products based on the HART Standard,” said HART Communication Foundation director of technology programs, Ed Ladd.

“The requirements it sets forth assure the interoperability of wireless devices in a multi-vendor environment and the conformance of those devices to the requirements of the HART Communication Protocol Specification.”

Manufacturers are required to fully test their devices using the tools available and the procedure outlined by the Foundation prior to submitting their devices for Foundation registration.

The Foundation independently validates that the device and data submitted meets the Protocol requirements.

According to the Foundation, testing and registration of a device ensures the quality of the HART device and the interoperability of all devices that claim HART compliance.

Devices that successfully pass the registration requirements are allowed to carry the ‘HART Registered’ mark.

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