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Keller’s new data logger for measuring water level, temperature and conductivity

Bestech Australia announces the availability of a new range of
maintenance-free data loggers from Keller designed for the measurement of water
level, temperature and conductivity.

Keller DCX-22 CTD battery powered data loggers feature stainless steel
housing, low power consumption and additional conductivity measurement
function. Conductivity is increasingly being monitored with depth measurement
by water companies and environmental research laboratories for administering
changes in water quality and depth.

With CTD representing Conductivity, Temperature and Depth, the
impressive data collector DCX-22 CTD from Bestech offers absolute-absolute,
sealed gauge and vented references to suit application requirements.

Key features of the DCX-22 CTD series data loggers include standard 22mm
diameter diaphragm level (pressure) sensor with ±0.02% FS accuracy, 0.0025% FS
resolution and ±1 mbar long term stability, RS 485 digital output; conductive
sensor with a range of 0-200 mS/cm and accuracy ±1% of selected range;
temperature sensor measuring from -10°C to +60°C; AA lithium battery life up to
8 years (based on 1 measurement per hour); and ability to record 114,000 measurement
values on an interval of 15 seconds.

The free Logger 5.1 software allows users to configure and read out data
from the DCX-22 CTD autonomous data logger. Collected data can be displayed
graphically, exported and adjusted to compensate for atmospheric pressure or
converted into desired units while online function shows the real time values
measured by the device.

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