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Kelair provides pumps for hydronic heating system

KELAIR has helped an engineering consultancy firm select pumps for a hydronic heating system to provide temperature control in a new building development.

The hydronic heating system was designed to require two pump sets, one for the heating water loop, and another for the cooling water loop, with each pump set containing one duty and one standby pump.

According to Kelair, both loops needed to have water supplied at a constant pressure but with the ability to automatically vary the flow rate according to the demand on the system.

The criteria indicated a variable speed constant pressure pump system. Based on excellent past experiences in constant pressure pumping applications, Kelair recommended the Lowara/Vogel Hydrovar system.

The system combines a variable frequency drive with a dedicated pump controller, in one compact unit which can be mounted to any standard motor or wall-mounted if required.

Each Hydrovar controller features an hours run meter, low-pressure shutdown, thermal protection and automatic alternation. It can also has the ability to maintain a pressure to within 2% of the desired set pressure.

Kelair provided the pump systems as skid-mounted packages complete with common suction and discharge manifolds containing isolation and non-return valves for each pump, and a surge protection panel.

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