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Keech subsidiary to offer commercial-scale 3D printing

BPM 3D Technologies has been awarded a $141,700 Victorian government grant and will spend $500,000 of its own money with the goal of having three 3D printers up and running by Christmas.

The Victorian manufacturing minister David Hodgett announced earlier this week that BPM 3D, a subsidiary of castings maker Keech Australia, had been given a state Investing In Manufacturing Technology grant, aimed at increasing productivity.

The company already has one 3D printer, but is increasing its capabilities and will become “the first commercial supplier of large format additive manufacturing,” according to its statement.

“We’re an international company,” CEO Herbert Hermens told the Bendigo Advertiser.

“We’re exporting around the world.  It means we can deal and grow faster than we originally planned. 

“Certainly making patterns is a long, arduous job. With 3D printing that will be reduced in time. 

He added that it would increase the company’s flexibility and ability to serve its global market’s needs.

For an in-depth look at some of Keech’s other attempts to modernise its foundry and other operations, click here for a report on Manufacturers’ Monthly’s visit to the company’s Bendigo site. (Manufacturers' Monthly is a sister publication of PACE.)

[Image: Bendigio Advertiser]

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