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Keech aims to lead the world in steel

casting and engineering company Keech has said that it has goals to continue
its research in steel and to be one of the world’s leaders in the area.

The Bendigo Advertiser reports that Keech, which was named the Most Innovative Company at Tuesday’s Endeavour Awards, plans to continue its efforts, which include collaborating
with Deakin University, in an effort to remain globally competitive.

key to our business is understanding the properties and wear life to the
application steel,” CEO Herbert Hermens told The Advertiser.

“We believe we can improve
on the quality of steel we have got for our industry. For that there
is heavy reliance on research and very high (level) of academic research

The company received a $50,000 Technology Voucher, announced in April, to support “the development of new technologies or
exploring the application of existing technologies in innovative or novel ways.”

Keech has been based in Bendigo,
where it employs over 100 workers, since 1995. The bulk of its revenue comes from ground engaging tools, but it has announced plans to also pursue growth through additive manufacturing services.

I believe we can stay in Australia as a manufacturer if we lead the world
in technology,” said Hermens.

“If you are the best at what
you do no matter what market you’re in you will be able to survive

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