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Kaeser celebrates 25 years in Australia

 Kaeser Compressors Australia has grown since it was established in 1990. From modest beginnings with just two employees, the company now boasts an extensive network of sales and service centres as well as dedicated partners that provide comprehensive coverage to compressed air users throughout Australia.
From the development of the internet to the instant communication capabilities of electronic mail and SMS, the revolutionary growth in information and communication technologies have had a profound effect on the; control, monitoring, communication and inter-connective abilities of air compressor technologies, the company said.
In terms of the future, Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial revolution, whereby the real and virtual worlds are brought together via cyber-physical systems in order to optimise a company’s manufacturing processes and entire value chains.
According to the company, all elements of a Kaeser compressed air system can be networked together from; production planning to implementation and predictive maintenance, enabling intelligent control, which allows for the automatic delivery of the compressed air volume and quality required by each specific user. 

This strategy, the company said, helps to maintain availability and efficiency, and keeps lifecycle costs to a minimum.

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