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Jobs and Skills Australia report highlights growing demand for engineers

Jobs and Skills Australia’s recent report, The Clean Energy Generation: Workforce needs for a net zero economy; is a call to action for Australian industry.

The insights from the report map out a trajectory for Australia’s transition to a net-zero economy, highlighting the critical role engineers will play in achieving this ambition.

The report emphasises the importance of demand forecasting. To navigate the current skills crisis effectively, it’s vital that we transition from anecdotal, qualitative data to a more quantified, data-driven approach.

As the report highlights, there will be a demand of nearly 2 million workers in the engineering and building trades by 2050.

This makes clear the need for diverse pathways into the engineering profession.

The report also highlights the necessity for a larger number of STEM graduates, notably in civil and mechanical engineering, along with specialised disciplines.

With a current skills crisis in engineering, the clock is ticking.

Meeting the energy targets set for 2030, 2040, and 2050 requires immediate action.

Engineers Australia’s current statistics show only 8.5 per cent of Australian graduates have an engineering qualification, positioning us sixth from the bottom in the OECD rankings.

Beyond talent acquisition, there’s the pressing matter of occupational licensing or registration.

The report rightly identifies the engineering community’s role in the transition to net-zero.

Engineers are at the front line, responsible for the design, construction, testing, and maintenance of critical systems that have wide-ranging implications for public health, safety, and the economy.

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