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It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

Cutting costs by rationalising and optimising the operations of the plant is a common target among production companies. Elettric 80’s scalable Freeway system provides the ideal solution through custom-designed automation for fast-moving consumer-goods plants, especially those with two-shift operations, or more.

The system can either automate the whole end-of-line process of the production plant at once or, focussing on an ideal future solution, be limited to chosen parts of it, in which case it can be extended and complemented at any time without significant extra cost or trouble.

Furthermore, the systems can be implemented with minimal disruption, often while production is still up and running.

However, important decisions that would result in great advantages and a competitive edge, are sometimes postponed as they seem too complicated or radical. Questions arise; how large an investment does the budget allow; which is the best solution for the whole plant and will it still be sufficient some years from now?

Perhaps it starts with an urgent need for a new stretch wrapper or palletiser, or the wish to automate at least one function within the warehouse. Or maybe all of it, but the budget does not allow it all in one year.

Anyone with experience in plant logistics will know that there are often many people involved, with different opinions of whether, when or where to invest in improvements. Elettric 80’s Freeway technology allows companies to take one step at a time, no matter where they decide to start, and leaves time for evaluation.

Thorough consideration before the initial purchase is, however, rewarded further on, as selecting the best option for the specific plant will simplify future expansion. There are a vast range of machines that suit different requirements, and Elettric 80 engineers ensure that their clients get the most out of their investment.

New parts integrate perfectly with existing ones, thanks to the fact that the Elettric 80 group designs and supplies all of the equipment themselves, from their production plant in Italy. This assures perfect compatibility, even in the future, between the palletisers, stretchwrappers and Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs) for the transportation of palletised goods within the warehouse.

The vehicles, along with the Warehouse Management System, can be reprogrammed to include the material handling in new areas of the plant, or new tasks within the original area. /ins

The Elettric 80 systems can be found worldwide, mainly in three industry sectors; Tissue, Beverage and Food. Among the clients are Carlsberg in Sweden, Heinz in Canada, Ferrero in Italy and Garcia Carrion in Spain.

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