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IT company’s interstate expansion

Specialist IT reseller Powerfirm expands its operation in the south-western states of Australia, appointing State Managers for Victoria/ACT/Tasmania/South Australia (Trevor Coveney) and Western Australia (Graham Halton).

Since its foundation in 1996, Powerfirm has established itself as a specialist national provider of IT products and services. In recent years the company has experienced sustained growth across the south-western states of Australia with 23 per cent growth in the region in the past twelve months.

Powerfirm’s expertise is in the provision of efficient physical infrastructure for server rooms, data centres and networking. The expansion aims to strengthen the company’s offerings in key areas such as storage and security.

The company’s growth is driven by two key trends in the Australian marketplace.

1. Approximately 27% of the total cost of running a data centre comes from energy consumption . With rising energy prices, the implication for the IT industry is that many more businesses are now forced to focus on the energy efficiency of their systems.

2. The increase in compliance requirements for Australian businesses, leading many organisations to review and upgrade their network security and data storage capabilities.

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