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ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute conducts interoperability trial

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (WCI) has completed an interoperability trial in which it verified its new Generic Client Interface (GCI) specification, which is applicable to ANSI/ISA-100.11a based gateways.

Conducted at ISA headquarters in North Carolina, USA, gateways from Yokogawa, Honeywell and Nivis successfully demonstrated interoperability with a WCI test client.

The first production client to use GCI will be GE’s System 1 product which was also successfully tested during the trial.

System 1 is GE’s patented conditioning monitoring software platform for real-time optimization of equipment and selected processes, condition monitoring and event diagnostics that enables plant personnel to quickly identify important events, evaluate the situation and respond, leading to increased equipment availability, reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

ANSI/ISA-100.11a is flexibly designed to support legacy and/or proprietary protocols and the GCI is an example of how the ANSI/ISA-100.11a wireless standard can deliver that result.

“We are excited to see the success of this interoperability test conducted by the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. WCI plays a crucial role in the success of ISA100 in the industrial space," said Hitoshi Yasui, general manager of Wireless Research and Development Business Unit, Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

“With the successful outcome of the test, we continue to look forward to additional interoperability tests planned for the coming year with more ISA100-certified products in the queue to confirm the scalability, reliability and performance benefits of the ANSI/ISA-100.11a standard,” said Andre Ristaino, managing director of WCI.

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