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ISA introduces Automation Engineering Survival Training

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has developed a new Automation Engineering Survival Training course designed to meet the needs of system integrators.

ISA Automation Engineering Survival Training: Integrator Version (AESTIV) includes a week of highly intensive, hands-on instruction geared specifically to:

  • New automation, control system or process control engineers working for system integrators
  • Seasoned system integration engineers looking to refresh their process automation skills
  • Automation engineers in a position with a system integrator or end user
  • Automation engineers wishing to move into a career as a system integrator

ISA’s AESTIV course is a complement to ISA’s Automation Engineering Survival Training (AEST) course.

ISA’s AEST course is geared primarily for automation engineers working in plant environments, particularly those who want to sharpen and broaden their skills and those who are new to the automation profession.

Both offerings comprise the ISA Automation Engineering Survival Training Series—two intensive training “boot camp” courses that feature expert-led lecture, hands-on exercises covering practical, real-world survival skills, and a local plant tour to see first-hand, real-world implementations of the concepts learned in class.

The curriculum for ISA’s Automation Engineering Survival Training for system integrators encompasses five components:
• Measurement and Documentation
• Control Valves, Control Strategies, and Loop Tuning
• Advanced Control: Operator Effectiveness & Safety Systems
• Industrial Security & Project Management
• Advanced Process Automation

ISA’s instructors will cover:
• Utilising control system documentation to determine functional specifications and requirements
• Installing and commissioning sensors, fieldbus segments, and control loops
• Leveraging advanced control, alarm management, HMI design, and functional safety to maximise value to the client
• Designing and segmenting control system networks with an emphasis on data transactions and network security
• Applying the project management fundamentals and team-building and interpersonal skills required to be successful in a plant environment
• Implementing ISA standards and best practices for procedural control and manufacturing operations management

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