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ISA commmends Invensys executive for contribution to standards

Don Clark, Invensys’ Director of Industry Marketing, has been recognised by ISA for exceptional service to Standards and Practices activities.

The award from the leading standards organisation for the automation industry recognises Clark’s leadership and technical contributions as vice-chairperson of the ISA95 committee, which is developing standards on enterprise control system integration.

“Don has made an important contribution to the development and widespread application of the ISA95 standard. Of the more than 3000 individuals who have participated in ISA standards and practices during 2007, we have recognized Don and 12 others for exceptional service. The award program is to thank him and the others for their tireless efforts and contributions to the automation industry,” said Chip Lee, ISA Director of Standards, Publishing, and Technology Services.

The ISA95 standard defines requirements for integrating enterprise systems and manufacturing control systems. The work included in this standard builds on the original Purdue Reference Model for computer-integrated manufacturing, and defines a set of standard models, message schema, and terminology to reduce the risks, costs, and errors associated with implementing, using, and maintaining enterprise control systems.

As Director of Industry Marketing, Clark is responsible for delivering Invensys enterprise control solutions for the chemical, oil & gas, public utilities, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, and other process industries through implementation of InFusion enterprise control system technology. He also represents the United States on the IEC/ISO Internationalization Standards Committee for S95 in Paris.

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