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Is this Australia’s oldest Ingersoll Rand compressor?

A CAPS Australia Service Technician, Gareth Goldsby recently discovered a very old Ingersoll Rand compressor on a road trip back from Olympic Dam, SA.

Spotting what he described as a ‘compressor and generator graveyard’ set up by the Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association (APOMA), Gareth, being a bit of a compressor enthusiast decided to pull over and have a closer look at the exhibit. During his inspection he was excited to discover a very old and rusty-looking Ingersoll Rand compressor.

The plaque displayed in front of the compressor identified it as a 3 cylinder axial compressor powered by a Ford Flat Head V8 engine. Imported by W Newton and Co of Alexandria (Sydney) in the early 1950s, it was used to power air operated drills and jackhammers.

Following discussions between CAPS’ employees and some interested groups on social media, it was concluded that the compressor was either a Type 40 Model 25 or Model 25B rated @ 111cfm, 125psi, originally fitted with an oil bath inlet filter and auxiliary unloading valve. The engines were direct coupled and only ran at about 1000rpm.

Considering CAPS’ long history as the master distributor for Ingersoll Rand compressors in Australia, the company considers this worn-out compressor as a very interesting and valuable find.

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