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Module to enable new IoT use cases

Gemalto has launched an LTE Cat. M1 wireless module for IoT solutions. The Cinterion LTE Cat. M1 solution delivers LTE for Machine-Type-Communication (MTC) and improved power savings that enables battery life of 10+ years, for some use cases. The module is suited for use cases not dependent on speed, but rather requiring network longevity and improved indoor coverage such as asset trackers, healthcare solutions, smart meters and industrial sensors.

According to the company, the wireless module is the first IoT solution based on a dedicated LTE Cat. M1 chipset. The low-power, wide-area (LPWA) module offers extended coverage, including improved in-building and in-ground penetration. It operates on the LTE spectrum and is capable of supporting more than 10 frequency bands from a single hardware device. This eliminates the need for multiple variants, providing simplified global deployment and a fast time to market.

In the future, the module will be able to run LTE NB-IoT protocols on the same hardware, ensuring users have access to the latest network standards. Sharing the same footprint as existing Cinterion products, the solution enables easy migration from 2G and 3G devices.

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