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IoT-enabled water meters on the horizon

NB-IoT enabled smart water meters are now a reality for utilities, following Telstra’s announcement of its narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network going live across all major cities in Australia last week.

“Telstra is Australia’s largest and fastest mobile network so with their NB-IoT Network now switched on, we can deploy our state of the art ultrasonic, intelligent water meters to provide remote online meter readings,” says Guenter Hauber-Davison, Managing Director of WaterGroup.

“This will save millions of dollars in manual water meter reading costs. More importantly, though, it will save many millions of litres of precious drinking water by identifying leakage as and when it happens.

“Utilities, can now deploy smart water meters hassle free into residential dwellings, apartments and difficult-to-access basements, due to the deep long range network coverage of NB-IoT.

“It will provide utilities for the first time ever, with a cost-effective way to truly understand in near real time where the water is going – and where it is lost – In their water distribution network.

“Utilities will also for the first time be able to bring the Australian consumer what they want – a future of smart water use monitoring where live consumption data is displayed on their smart phones with corresponding alarms. It will make bill shock and unnoticed leaks a thing of the past,” says Guenter.

With growing populations, utilities are obligated to anticipate rising demands. Sydney and Melbourne, home to 40 per cent of all Australians, are expected to accommodate another three million residents each by the mid-2050s.

Smart water management and protecting one of our most important natural resources is essential,” says Guenter.

“The new NB-IoT enabled ultrasonic, intelligent water meters are expected to collectively save Australian water users 160 million litres of water a year, enough to supply a city of 900,000 residents with water,” he adds.

WaterGroup launched the first commercially available NB-IoT ready, fully integrated, ultrasonic smart water meter in November 2017. It is affordable, easy to connect, has low power, long battery life, with a long range coverage, is NMI Certified and meets the relevant Australian standards.

“Utilities are lining up to try our NB-IoT S=smart meters since the launch. We are thrilled that Telstra has gone live now and we can start further trials,” says Guenter.


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