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I/O module for relay connection without tools

Phoenix Contact introduces the new digital output module for Axioline F, simplifying the connection of coupling relays to I/O stations via pre-assembled system cabling.

The relays of the PLC series can be connected to the module using the Varioface-V8 adapter without any tools, simplifying mounting and saving time. The new digital output module offers 16 channels, each with an output current of 0.5 A per output with an overall width of 35mm. The outputs also boast an extremely fast scan time of less than 100 µs.

Axioline F, the I/O system for signal acquisition in the control cabinet has an exceptionally short update time of just 1 µs per I/O module in the Axioline F local bus. The very low electromagnetic emissions of Class B allow the use of the I/O system in office and residential buildings.

Axioline F I/O systems also operate in an extended temperature range of -25°C to +60°C as standard, making them suitable for applications requiring special ambient temperatures. The I/O terminals can be integrated into all standard networks via compatible bus couplers.

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