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Inverter for solar power installations

ABB has announced the PVS980 central inverter, a component for solar installations that converts direct current (DC) produced in solar panels into alternating current (DC) for use by electrical grids. According to the company, this increases the amount of incoming solar power connected to a single inverter by as much as 40 per cent. Due to its increased power, the inverter also allows operators to use 30 per cent less inverters than previously.

Furthermore, avoiding external air entering the critical compartments of the inverter, it can operate from below freezing to extreme heat in 100 per cent humidity without jeopardising functionality. The wide temperature and operating range, designed to withstand tough environments, works without derating to up to 50°C with a water- and dustproof outdoor enclosure. Moreover, the product has a self-containing cooling system and therefore does not require refilling of liquids, and has no pumps or valves that need to be serviced. With optional remote condition monitoring, plant operators are able to gain operational data and more accurately plan maintenance.

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