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Invensys SimSci-Esscor simulation wins best product award

Invensys Operations Management’s SimSci-Esscor simulation technology, the EYESim immersive training solution, has been selected as a Breakthrough Product of 2009 by Processing magazine in the USA.

The EYESim solution merges virtual reality technologies with high-fidelity process simulation, control system emulation, computer-based maintenance management and documentation management applications to provide a realistic and safe training environment for improving operational efficiency and skills for process plant personnel, Invensys Operations Management says.

“The Breakthrough Product of the Year Award recognises those products, services and/or technology that have made significant contributions in the process industries within the past year, and are expected to greatly impact the industry for years to come,” said Processing magazine associate publisher and editor in chief, Dennis Van Milligen.

“Because of advances like the EYESim solution, the Breakthrough Product of the Year has become one of the most distinguished and well-respected awards in the industry.”

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