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Invensys helps production at world’s largest copper plant

Invensys Operations Management (IOM) has partnered with copper producer Codelco, to improve the performance and longevity of Codelco’s processing assets at the business through Invensys’ advanced process control offerings.

The corporate-wide development agreement is expected to improve the performance and longevity of Codelco’s processing assets at the smelters areas, increasing the overall economic value of that company’s business through the use of advanced process control, advanced regulatory control, real-time business performance measurement, simulators and operator training systems, said a press release from Invensys.

After an extensive consulting effort between the two companies, IOM is implementing a range of multivariable advanced process control (APC) solutions targeted at generating optimal value from Codelco processes.

The current implementation has thus far improved product quality and consistency, reducing variability and shutdown frequency, thereby increasing Codelco’s asset utilisation, said the release.

“As the world leader in advanced process management, we deliver patented techniques and methodologies that identify value-enhancing opportunities within a production enterprise, create operational improvement and integrate automation and IT systems to help improve overall business for our clients,” said IOM client executive, Ramón Hernández.

“Codelco and we have a long and successful history together with distributed control at several of their processing sites, especially at the smelter areas, and we look forward to continuing to serve as their valued business partner.”

The program commenced with operations at the Codelco Norte Division’s concentrate smelter complex. There, APC has been implemented at the CT Converter to reduce slag temperature variability, reduce copper concentration variability in white metal and control other parameters more precisely.

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