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Invensys demonstrates new capabilities of simulator

The new software solution combines the precision of conventional oil simulation software to the unique and specialised processing and modeling requirements of heavy oils, and it was demonstrated at the World Heavy Oils Congress in Edmonton this week.

PRO/II solution enhancements include a new petroleum characteriszation procedure specifically designed for heavy oils, which extrapolates critical properties and molecular weights with normal boiling points well beyond 1000 degrees K.

Invensys is helping heavy oils industry clients solve refining problems that result from inaccurate or incomplete simulation inherent in heavy oils processing.

“We recognise the importance of heavy oils in the worldwide market and are developing solutions that bridge the gap between simulation software that is used to model conventional oils and the special requirements for accurately modeling heavy oils,” said Joseph McMullen, PRO/II Product Manager. “We’ve taken the first of many development steps to address the growing needs for simulation of bottom-of-the-barrel refining.”

Invensys Process Systems is continuing to develop and implement additional methodologies that can accurately simulate very high viscosity, low API gravity, numerous impurities such as sulphur and heavy metals, and other heavy oil properties, to predict the range of heavy oil physical properties.

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