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Invensys acquires SmartGlance Software to extend mobile and cloud offerings

Invensys has acquired the SmartGlance mobile reporting product of Sarla Analytics.

Founded in 2010, Sarla Analytics is part of The Sarla Group of software companies which is focused on enterprise mobility.

SmartGlance is an industrial mobile reporting business app. It delivers secure, on-demand access to graphical reports from any operations data source via mobile devices, allowing industrial personnel to make decisions from anywhere on any device.

“Acquiring this technology accelerates our delivery of solutions that leverage the power of mobile devices and managed systems via cloud and SaaS models,” said Rob McGreevy, vice president of platform and applications software solutions at Invensys.

“It strengthens our current leadership position in mobile industrial data reporting and reinforces our commitment to deliver access to information, analytics and KPIs to a user’s device of choice.”

SmartGlance provides connectors for accessing data from different manufacturing sources, including both Invensys and non-Invensys systems.

This offers Invensys customers real-time access to important business data alerts and notifications. It also allows them to view that information in a native mobile application optimised for any mobile device, such as smart phones and tablets.

SmartGlance supports quick and more accurate decisions, enabling the ability to take action, share data and collaborate with colleagues.

Additionally, it permits the ability to push data from virtually any data source, including popular process historians and any SQL database. All this, with a fast and simple implementation, small install footprint and no additional hardware required.

“Many of our customers are already using SmartGlance to securely view or push their real-time and historical plant-wide data to mobile devices,” McGreevy said.

“With access to the right information at the right time, our ‘mobile’ or remote user base is able to assign resources and resolve issues quickly.

"Our customers span more than 750 registered devices used across several industries, including food and beverage, dairy, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, life sciences, mining, utilities and alternative energy markets, such as wind and solar power.”

As part of the acquisition, the SmartGlance product will be part of the Invensys Wonderware portfolio of software product offerings.

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