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Interface modules for fast, error-free wiring

Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of interface modules designed to support fast and error-free wiring of the field and automation levels.

Available for universal use, Varioface Professional system cabling components include compact modules in a new housing design and suitable for various functions in signal conditioning. The modules are available in different versions with relay, fuse, and signal interruption functions.

The new interface modules use direct plug-in technology for field wiring of the sensor/actuator level, allowing single wires to be connected quickly and safely to push-in spring-cage terminal blocks without using any tools. Wiring is visibly clear thanks to the unique identification of terminal blocks and modules using standard marking accessories.

The interface modules are equipped with a robust metal foot for DIN rail mounting. Combined with the product range for system cabling, the interface modules offer a plug and play solution to facilitate consistent signal flow from the controller to the field.

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