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Intelligent pumps market to grow amid pump slowdown, ARC

The worldwide market for intelligent pumps is expected to be a “bright spot in the overall pump market” this year, according to ARC Advisory Group.

The synergistic combination of electronics, mechanics, and computing found in an intelligent pump enable more efficient operation to reduce energy consumption, says ARC, which should prompt more buyers to turn to this sort of pump.

While the intelligent pumps market is not expected to grow at the same high rate as the automation market, it is “expected to be a bright spot in the overall pump market which has been projected to be flat,” said ARC.

“Intelligent pumps are an ideal fit for the building automation sector where their unique characteristics enable them to automatically adjust to the wide range of system demands of climate control applications, the report from ARC said.

“Energy savings is the attribute most closely associated with intelligent pumps, but they have more to offer. More efficient operation also enables improved process control and intelligence allows predictive asset management,” said ARC senior analyst Paula Hollywood.

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