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Intelligent panel meters

The Camille Bauer SINEAX, 4-quadrant, AM 1000, 2000 (both class 1) and 3000 (class 0.5S) intelligent panel meters are suitable for 3-wire, 4-wire, single and 3-phase balanced, unbalanced and open wye circuits. Neutral current is calculated, and for the SINEAX AM 3000, calculated or measured.

Communication options include Ethernet (Modbus/TCP, web server, NTP), RS485 (Modbus/RTU), digital I/O and 20mA analogue with linear and segmented linear outputs. Internal data storage is via Micro SD card and monitoring functions include periodic, event and disturbance recording (with pretrigger) based on half-cycle rms.

Complete characterisation of three-phase parameters is provided including imbalance, symmetrical components, harmonics to the 50th order, phase total active power and power factor, fundamental power and reactive factors, distortion reactive power and apparent power, and phasor display of voltage and current including symmetrical components. The SINEAX AM series can be powered from 24 to 48VDC, 100VAC or DC to 230VAC or DC. The instruments are Cat III rated for all inputs.

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